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For more than 10 years Headstrong Amplifiers has been building boutique hand wired replica and original amplifier designs for some of the world's most renowned guitar players and musicians.

If you're tired of your tone getting pushed around, maybe it's time to try a HEADSTRONG!



5-9 watts of power

Runs multiple rectifier and power tubes without a re-bias

Reverb/Line-out/Mid control

Lil King sized Cab

Head or combo


The new SC-5 is not a clone or replica of any one Blackface style amp but rather an amalgam of a few. Inspired by the power section of a 5 watt, the EQ of a higher watt amp and classic tube driven spring reverb, this amp may be one of the most versatile low wattage amps on the market today!

Normally in 5 watt style amps you are lucky to get anything more than a volume control; with a full treble/mid/bass EQ section, the amp responds much like the larger blackface style amps. Very active, you start to hear the volume of the amp once you dial in the EQ. A nice trick for this is to turn up the volume a tad over half way and dial in the tone controls to get the desired level of volume and drive from the amp.

Cabinet size has always been an issue with small amps in my opinion, so this circuit is coupled with a larger Lil King sized cab that can accommodate anything from an 8 to a 12 inch speaker. This allows more area for the speaker to resonate inside the cab. You will definitely hear the difference. A line-out jack has been added on the back panel to allow for direct plug in to a recording or PA board. Stock cosmetics are Black with Wheat cloth and blonde barrel knobs.

With these features and the ability to run 3 different power or rectifier tubes without a re-bias puts the SC-5 in a class of its own. Visit a dealer near you to give this one of a kind amp a try TODAY!

Tech Info & Features:

  • 5-9 watt output

  • Hand wired

  • Finger Jointed Pine Cabinet

  • Tube Reverb

  • 5Y3/5U4/GZ34 Rectifier tubes

  • 6V6/EL34/6L6 Power tubes

  • Line Level Out

  • One Button Footswitch


Front Panel:

  • Hi/Lo inputs

  • Volume

  • Treble

  • Mid

  • Bass

  • Reverb

 Back Panel:

  • Power cord

  • 1A Fuse

  • Power Switch

  • 8 ohm Speaker Jack

  • 8 ohm X Speaker jack

  • Line out jack

  • Reverb FS jack

  • Reverb OUT

  • Reverb IN


  • 1X8 Combo: $1425.00

  • Dims: 16 X 20 X 9.5 24 lbs.


  • 1x10 Combo: $1475.00

  • Dims: 16 X 20 X 9.5 26 lbs.


  • 1X12 Combo: $1525.00

  • Dims: 16 X 20 X 9.5 28 lbs.


  • Head: $1375.00

  • Dims: 9.5 X 20 X 8.75 20 lbs.


Alnico Speakers starting at +$100

Extension Cabinets starting at $500




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