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For more than 10 years Headstrong Amplifiers has been building boutique hand wired replica and original amplifier designs for some of the world's most renowned guitar players and musicians.

If you're tired of your tone getting pushed around, maybe it's time to try a HEADSTRONG!

The Sultan is A HIT!

The Sultan page has been updated with new info, pics and specs.  Pricing starts at $2400 for the head.  There will also be a 15 watt model option. 

Check it out here

The Headstrong Sultan...based on 2 of Wayne's personal Brownface 1961 Fender Vibrolux amps.  The same model as the famous Sultans of Swing amp that Mark Knopfler used as his main amp for those sessions.  The rarity of this model has never been debated and, like the Vibroverb, original prices are at all time highs.  Now is a great time to get that sound and vibe at a fraction of the price...From the company who brought you the first hand wired point to point Princeton Reverb AND 1963 Vibrovberb replicas




Sultan Specs


New Dealer Alert!

So happy to announce that Vintage Gitar in Oslo, Norway will be carrying the line once again.  Arne has grown his brand and store over the last 10 years to become THE place in Scandinavia to get the best of the best in Boutique Gear and I am flattered to be included with that list.  First amps are heading that way as I post this!

NEW User Video of the week page

You can now email a link to submit a video demo of your Headstrong to be featured on our new

"Video of the week"

page for at least a week at a time.  No limits on content really, but lets keep them relatively short if possible.  As soon as I have some other incentive for this I will add that, for now lets see what everyone comes up with...Thanks all!

Richard Thompson's "Still" out now

And while I cannot confirm if his set of Lil King amps were used on the main CD recorded at The Loft (Tweedy and those cats have INSANE vintage gear) in Chicago...I CAN confirm that he did use the Headstrong on the Bonus CD stuff recorded at Boulevard Recording in LA!  Either way its a great way to spend $15! 

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