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For more than 10 years Headstrong Amplifiers has been building boutique hand wired replica and original amplifier designs for some of the world's most renowned guitar players and musicians.

If you're tired of your tone getting pushed around, maybe it's time to try a HEADSTRONG!

New Artists

It's been a bit since I have posted here...In that time I have added a few more killer players to the list.

I must mention Chris Traynor (Bush, Helmet, Orange 9mm), a complete monster of a guitar player and a one of a kind human to boot.  He chose his Lil King as a desert island amp in a recent podcast...That's all I could ask for and a touch more!  Check him out here

Seth Walker also picked up an amp, a Lil' King-S, for his US Road dates through summer and fall.  If you've not seen Seth and his band, I strongly suggest you do!  Seth is a world class player, writer and singer, with a 1st class band backing him up! 

Mark Johnson has been touring the world with his Atlanta based band, Delta Moon, since the late 90's.  He has been playing a 2-10 Verbrovibe since 2007.  He now has a Corduroy with 120/240V taps so he can carry Headstrong tone across the globe.  Check them out ASAP!

Jarrod Dickenson recently picked up a one-off 6G2 Princeton to match his original for UK gigs.  So anytime you see his name in Europe, chances are a Headstrong is in tow.  Great songs, great guy!  Check him out




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