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For more than 10 years Headstrong Amplifiers has been building boutique hand wired replica and original amplifier designs for some of the world's most renowned guitar players and musicians.

If you're tired of your tone getting pushed around, maybe it's time to try a HEADSTRONG!


The new Corduroy Amp is now available!

The Corduroy is a replica of the 1961-63 6G3 Brown Deluxe.  20 watts from 2-6V6 power tubes into a single 12" Alessandro designed Eminence speaker.  The first ones out have gone to players with original models and they have both said the Corduroy is virtually identical, with one saying he liked the Corduroy better.  I am very pleased to hear the feedback(pun intended) so far!  There are a few short clips up on the Corduroy Page

As always you can shoot me an email or call with any questions regarding pricing and availability.  I look forward to speaking with you about this great new amp!



NEW Lifetime Warranty

Announcing a NEW LIFETIME WARRANTY that is retroactive for ALL Headstrong Amps

Like the 10 year warranty, this new lifetime coverage is FULLY transferable

When I first started this company in 2003, a lifetime warranty would not have held much weight, but after 15 years, I feel that you the customer realize, I am not going anywhere so your amp should always be covered regardless of the age of your amp.

Never any need to register your product or serial #, if I built it and you bought it, IT'S COVERED!

Some of the components inside the amp, speakers, transformers, resistors etc, do have shorter coverage time frames, but essentially you will be covered for any workmanship that I performed and there will also be discounted labor rates and parts pricing for any repair work needed on out of warranty repairs.  Example, your transformer blows after 5 years and it is out of warranty or you put the wrong fuse in and smoked the transformer...My normal labor rate will be cut by 50% and you pay my price for the parts to fix it.

Shipping to and from the shop will still be up to the owner to cover unless the amp was purchased less than 90 days from the issue.


Give me a ring or drop me an email with any questions on this new policy.  I am always available to answer any questions


Thanks for a great 15 years and beyond



I will be attending the NAMM show in Anaheim next week.  While Headstrong won't have a booth, I'll be on the floor all 4 days and would love to meet up with any one in attendance and interested.  Special NAMM sales on all amps with discounts of up to 15% with free shipping.

There will be a Santa Cruz-5 and the NEW Corduroy amp (1961-63 Brown Deluxe) in LA so those will be available to try out for private demos.  If you are interested in trying one of these you can EMAIL me or call/text 510-898-8123

Hope to see you there

Current Lead Times

Updated 1/6/18

Hope you all enjoyed the Holidays...Now through tax time we have our busiest months so lead times can fluctuate a bit...Current lead times are now closer to 3-6 weeks depending on the model desired.  Contact Wayne directly for more info

Thanks all and have a Headstrong Day!

Wayne appears on the Let there Be Talk Podcast

Wayne had the honor and privilege to appear on the "Let there be Talk" as part of his Handmade series, hosted by the great Dean Delray last week.  They talk Black Crowes, Stones, guitar, music, life, and of course gear. 

"I had a blast and hope you enjoy this as much as I did!"

Links below or search "let there be talk" or "Dean Delray" where you get your podcasts.  Great talk!!







New dealer in China

Just finished up the details and happy to announce our first dealer in the Far East. 

Sheng shi fan hua has placed an order for 4 amps including the Lil King, LK-S, and two SC-5 amps.  I am hoping to get these shipped over there the last week of February and I will let you know when those are in the air headed that way. 

New photo galleries

If you take a look around at the bottom of most of the amp models' pages, you will notice a ton of new pics on the site.  I have finally found a little time to update the photos on most amps.  Of course as I sell more Lil King amps than anything else, that model is the main benefactor of the aforementioned updates.  Hope you enjoy and always trying to stay on top of all this around here...21st century technology promoting 20th century amplifiers!

NEW Dealer Alert! Guitarloop in Germany

Give Torsten at Guitarloop a ring or email and check out our exclusive dealer for the all of the EU.  He plans on stocking most of the line with a slow build up over the next few months.  Expect to see The Verbrovibe, Sultan and SC5 by late January...I will post some news as soon as the first amps are on the way!

Contact info here and on the Dealer page

+49 (0) 1 76 – 20 82 74 00

The Sultan is A HIT!

The Sultan page has been updated with new info, pics and specs.  Pricing starts at $2400 for the head.  There will also be a 15 watt model option. 

Check it out here

The Headstrong Sultan...based on 2 of Wayne's personal Brownface 1961 Fender Vibrolux amps.  The same model as the famous Sultans of Swing amp that Mark Knopfler used as his main amp for those sessions.  The rarity of this model has never been debated and, like the Vibroverb, original prices are at all time highs.  Now is a great time to get that sound and vibe at a fraction of the price...From the company who brought you the first hand wired point to point Princeton Reverb AND 1963 Vibrovberb replicas




Sultan Specs




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