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For more than 10 years Headstrong Amplifiers has been building boutique hand wired replica and original amplifier designs for some of the world's most renowned guitar players and musicians.

If you're tired of your tone getting pushed around, maybe it's time to try a HEADSTRONG!

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The Headstrong Blue Lamp line was the first offering into the boutique amp market back in 2003. Now back in production in celebration of more than a decade in business. These amps will have all the same quality as the originals and an identical pricing structure. They feature the great circuit designs of the late 50s narrow panel Tweed amps, hand wired point to point on fiber boards, Alnico speakers and housed in lacquered Tweed solid pine finger jointed cabinets.

Same Quality, Same Tone!


Options & Upgrades

  • Head or Combo format

  • Speaker options

  • Tube Upgrades

  • Matching extension cabinets

  • Tolex options

  • Line-out jacks

Blue Lamp TP

Is a reproduction of the low watt Tweed Princeton5F2-A model. Available like the original with an 8” Alnico speaker or upgraded with the 10” for a bit more headroom and warmth. Basically a Tweed Champ with a tone control and larger cab for more versatility and a tad more clean tone. This amp was not produced in our original Blue Lamp series releases, but makes a great addition to the line-up. Prices start at $1300


Blue Lamp TV

A reproduction of the great Tweed Vibrolux, the BLTV features a stock 10” Alnico Weber upgradeable to a 12”. Same cab size as a BL112, but a bit less wattage. The Bias Vary tremolo in this amp is a warm swampy trem that will please the blues lovers. Prices start at $1500


Blue Lamp 112

A faithful reproduction of the famous 5E3 Tweed Deluxe from 1957. A cathode biased 18 watt tone machine with a simple Volume/Tone control layout to guarantee ease in finding that great tone. Originally the flagship model for Headstrong, the BL112 is the perfect small grab and go amp for virtually limitless gigs and recording sessions. Featuring hand wired fiberboard construction just like the original coupled with a solid pine cabinet and Weber Classic 12A125 Alnico speaker.

Prices start at $1800.


Blue Lamp 210

The BL210 is a replica of the famed 2X10 Tweed Super amp. Coming in at about 30 watts with 2-10 inch Weber Alnico speakers this is a nice mid wattage amp for club gigs. Just the right amount of headroom and dirt for various playing styles. Warm with touch sensitivity that is never hard on the ears! Prices start at $2300.


Blue Lamp 310

One of my personal favorites from this series, the BL310 is a 5E7 Tweed Bandmaster amp with 3 10 inch Alnico speakers. Part of the magic of this amp is the slight mismatch in ohms from output transformer to speaker load. It creates a slight drop in wattage (28) from the same circuit with matched speaker load. This enables a great bluesy crunch with perfect stage coverage for louder gigs.

Prices start at $2400


Blue Lamp 115

The venerable 1X15 Tweed Pro shares the same circuit as the BL210/310 but with a 15 inch Alnico speaker. A bit darker than the other two models and to my ears favors Strat and Tele guitars. Loads of bottom end and warmth with a nice country twang.

Prices start at $2300


Blue Lamp 410

The famous Tweed Bassman lives again at Headstrong. 45 watts into 4 10 inch Alnico speakers to capture that tone that has had people paying thousands more for...For many years! Clean loud and bold it fits in nicely for louder gigs where more headroom is required than the BL310 can provide.

Prices start at $2700


Blue Lamp 212

The great Low powered Tweed Twin, there are so few of the originals out there mainly because some of the most famous guitarists of all time have bought them all up. There is a good reason for this. TONE! At 50 watts it is loud enough for most gigs with plenty of headroom to cover the stage. The 12 inch speakers cut through the mix very well. If the BL410 is not quite enough the BL212 will do the trick!

Prices start at $2800


Blue Lamp 212 HP

The 80 watt High Power or Big box Twin is a high wattage tone machine. Basically the same circuit as the 410 Bassman but with 4 6L6 tubes for the cleanest Tweed tone you can find. A true clean headroom monster!

Prices start at $2900

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