Headstrong Amplifiers boutique handwired Fender style tube amps

Tonal Satisfaction Guaranteed

For more than 10 years Headstrong Amplifiers has been building boutique hand wired replica and original amplifier designs for some of the world's most renowned guitar players and musicians.

If you're tired of your tone getting pushed around, maybe it's time to try a HEADSTRONG!


Headstrong Amplifiers is owned and operated by Wayne Jones.  Founded in 2003, Headstrong has become the go-to company for boutique hand wired point to point Fender style tube amps; all the while providing original designs and ideas with Wayne's take on classic designs.  Years of experience as a professional musician coupled with a wide range of vintage amp knowledge allows him to "bridge the gap" between player and tech.  All of this and an innate sense for top notch customer service has kept Headstrong in the mix in what has become a very bustling industry.

Now featuring a FULLY transferable LIFETIME warranty

Having worked with many artists across many genres of music, finding the right tool for the player is the primary goal, even if it is NOT a Headstrong.

That is "Headstrong" customer service...Second to NONE

Wayne personally wires each and every chassis, his passion and attention to detail comes through on every amp that leaves the shop, regardless of where it is headed...from sales floors, to basements, music rooms, home studios or world famous players, every amp receives the same level of perfection.

  Give him a call anytime, he would love to help YOU achieve your tonal goals



One Man, One Vision, Two Hands!

Est 2003

15 years of TONE

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